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11/18/10 Back in Business! By- ShinyBlaze

We have decided to get rid of Weebly and just use this. There will be a  lot of changes going on soon though. And I am now ShinyBlaze.
11/5/10 Moved to Weebly

We haved moved to weebly. The link is here:
http://pokescorch.weebly.com/   Please update your bookmarks.

10/20/10 New Dream World Artwork By- FirePokemonMaster

The latest CoroCoro has been leaked, and some Dream World artwork has been revealed. They Pokemon have some sort of a comical look to their original look. You can view them below.

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10/15/10 New BW Cards By- FirePokemonMaster

There are new Black and White Pokemon cards revealed! They are Jaroda, Daikenki, Enbuoo, Minezumi, and Dokkora. You can see them below.

10/14/10 5th Episode of Best Wishes aired By- FirePokemonMaster

As Japan is a couple of hours ahead of us, the 5th episode of Best Wishes is out! Apparently, Ash challenges all 3 leaders, Dent, Pod, and Corn, and Ash defeats Pod, but loses to Corn. At the end, his battle against Dent starts.

Go here to watch!


This is only Part 1 and will likely be removed soon due to a copyright claim.

10/13/10 Mew event to start soon By- FirePokemonMaster

There will be a Mew event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Pokemon Gold and Silver. Mew was set to be the best choice for this event because of the rarity of Mew over the years and that it would be good for trainers to get this while they can. The event will only be distributed through Heartgold and Soulsilver. The event will start October 15th, and will end October 30th.  Get it while you can!
10/11/10 Black and White near the 4 million mark By- FirePokemonMaster

This may be old news, but according to Bulbanews, Black and White sales are near 4 million! The current number of copy's sold is  3,761,217. Wow!

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